As an educator, you are one of the most influential people in helping young people choose a career.
School based apprenticeships and traineeships offer an attractive first choice career option for many young people. They provide structured training, school studies, practical work experience and are a strong foundation for career growth providing a first-rate career option, and are as professionally, financially and personally rewarding as a university pathway.
This means young people can get a head start on their chosen career while earning nationally recognised qualifications and valuable work skills. Once completed, the qualification can lead to continued employment, self employment, further training or education.
How it works

Alistair Keller wins the Trade Schools for the Future School-Based Apprentice of the Year Award at the prestigious 2012 South Australian Training Awards

If you have a student who is job-ready and interested in becoming a school-based apprentice or trainee contact your Apprenticeship Broker to discuss their options.


Completing SACE as a school-based apprentice

There are many options for completing SACE using a school-based apprenticeship. For further information refer to the student checklist - How does it fit with the SACE?

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