Why Trade Schools for the Future?

  • We're flexible
  • Young people are matched to suit your business needs and they're only recommended if they are work ready
  • You can talk to an apprenticeship broker about the specific education requirements of young people starting in your industry
  • Your future employees will be better prepared to meet your business needs
  • Our apprenticeship brokers can arrange for students to undertake work experience before your business signs a formal Training Contract

You can talk to our apprenticeship brokers about varying the attendance of the apprentice or trainee to suit your business

If you are interested in making this investment in your business and being an active supporter of the Trade Schools for the Future program, please contact your local apprenticeship broker or register online.

Answers to your FAQ

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How does it work?

School-based apprentices and trainees do the following:

  • work with their employer and receive on the job training
  • undertake some study at their school
  • attend certified trade training courses

How do I employ a school-based apprentice or trainee?

You can provide an apprenticeship or traineeship opportunity for any young person who is keen to learn and work in your industry.  You can employ directly or use the services of a Group Training Organisation.

For further information see Group Training

What are my obligations?

You are required to provide them with a minimum of eight hours of work and / or on-the-job training a week.  The time can be spread out during the week in a variety of ways including:

  • during school hours
  • after school hours
  • on weekends
  • during school holidays
  • a continuous block of time for up to five weeks

You are also obligated to pay school-based apprentices and trainees. The amount to be paid is covered under the relevant industry award.  Some awards also state that apprentices and trainees are paid for time they spend studying towards their qualification at a registered training organisation, such as TAFE SA.

Is there financial support available?

The Commonwealth Government provides financial support to assist the costs of taking on a school-based apprentice or trainee.  For further information visit the Australian Apprenticeships website.

How do I find a suitable candidate?

Your local apprenticeship broker can help you find a school-based apprentice or trainee who is keen to work in your business. They can also help you provide a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship opportunity to:

  • a secondary student who has done work experience with you
  • a secondary student who is working for you on a casual or part time basis
  • your own child (if you own your own business)

What happens when the student finishes their schooling?

At the conclusion of a school-based trainee’s or apprentice’s secondary schooling, the training contract will convert to full-time.  In some cases students may complete their school-based apprenticeship or traineeship prior to completing their secondary schooling.

How do I register a school-based apprentice / trainee?

Your local Apprenticeship Broker can assist you with this.

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